Thursday, 4 January 2018

Tales of Demolition AND Woe!

Dear Diary...

Ooo! How refreshed and rested do I feel after two weeks of soaking up the sunshine on a delightful beach in the Caribbean with only the sound of the waves to listen to and that handsome young waiter at my beck and call.
Alas! The nearest I have been to a beach lately has been to gaze at the pebble that is perched on my work bench and I am feeling very far from refreshed right now and for those of you who follow my 'twittering' on Twitter, you will know only too well what I have been up!

On one chilly April day and after a week or two of sensible deliberation, I served an eviction notice on the 'Pinchot Art Studio' which had been nestled in the garret of 'Bouvier's' Flower Shop for a number of years as I wanted to expand  my miniature floral business and with the 'Art Studio' duly relocated to the temporary and safe residence of a plastic stacking box, I continued with my plans for the vacant attic space.

However, I failed to resist the urge to keep my creative digits from the remaining two floors of my beloved flower shop in pursuit of an extreme make-over that would have made any hedonistic designer proud!

It was only after spending several hours ripping out the walls and flooring accompanied by the sound of my sensible inner voice reproaching me with the cries of “what have you done?” that I decided that a ‘time out’ was needed as I reconsidered the cost both literally and metaphorically of my grand designs and that my beloved flower shop would need time to recover from the horror of that unexpected pillage.

And as if things could not get any worse, I had to abandon this sad and sorry excuse of a building for several weeks  as I found myself increasingly occupied with other projects as my sympathetic followers on Twitter can probably attest to!

And I confess that I frequently had cause to regret my impetuous creativity.

However, I was delighted that when the renovations were finally under way; my designs for a wonderful refurbishment finally materialised from the ‘wonderful big idea’ to actual reality!

And just to add to this tale of woe, the ‘scaffolding’ you see was one of the most time-consuming and frustrating miniature structures that I have ever had cause to make but that’s for another tale!

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