Thursday, 4 January 2018

Boo! Bloom Where You Are Planted!

“Witch and ghost make merry on this last of dear October’s days.”

For one All Hallows Eve there was ghostly fleurs and much merriness a’ plenty to be discovered!

For after the trials, tears and tribulations of that drastic renovation and the tale of woe you can chuckle over; the doors of Bouvier’s Flower Shop have finally reopened and with a revamp of enhanced lighting to appreciate the larger floor space, the exposed beams that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical and finally the lick of cheerful paint that banished those pesky damp patches; I am confident that the imaginary inhabitants of this particular small world will find their new working conditions much improved!

The year before last I found myself surrounded by vases of lilac Sea Lavender and buckets of lime-green Asters on All Hallows Eve at the Brentwood Flower Market as I went in search of some feline luck that was rumoured to be nestled among the gloriously decadent Birds of Paradise in those colourful clay pots.

Last year however, as the theme is one of ghostly design and to compliment the new furniture that has been finished with a subtle powder blue paint; I have been working with bunches of white Statice, elegant Arum Lilies and snippets of lucky white Heather.

The black spiders that can be seen dotted here and there and the generous lashing of cobweb finished with a moss in the palest of green compliments this scene of spookiness.

If the Halloween palette of orange and black is more to your liking, there are several grumpy pumpkins to be found and let’s not forget the obligatory large bowl of candy canes that are waiting to be devoured!

And if you are in need of a little feline luck, a York Lucky Cat is patiently waiting...

Upstairs at Bouvier’s and the design room is as busy as ever for there’s been a flower basket to create that will offer some much needed cheer, the design of a hand-tie bouquet with a message of sympathy and a plant that waits to be lovingly gift wrapped and delivered to its lucky recipient…

As the first day of November is All Soul’s Day in which the dead are remembered with prayer and celebration throughout our world; a poignant funereal tribute of white roses awaits…

And if you too would like to create a floral tribute for your own special ‘Small World’; there will be an easy to follow tutorial coming soon!

Perhaps it’s just as well that after such a busy day that someone has kindly left a large slice of a Halloween ‘Treat’ for me to enjoy!

May YOUR All Hallows Eve continue to be a sweet delightful treat too!

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